Alexa Green VOICE was founded in 2017 and has since served as the premiere professional voice studio for every singer, offering lessons in New York City and online worldwide.

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Current lesson offerings include contemporary commercial music and musical theatre vocal technique, vocal health and maintenance workshop, vocal myth busting sessions, studio session work, microphone technique, arrangement and style coaching, audition coaching for the professional actor, and college audition preparation. Contact for lesson booking, current rates, scheduling and general inquiries.

Teaching Philosophy

There is a comprehensive connection between voice, mind, and body, and the study of vocal pedagogy and its practical application to performance is my passion. Our own individual voice is part of our identity and when you find your voice, you find your power. Teaching with full, holistic understanding, and learning a foundational integration of our own vocal identity allows for the ultimate experience in expressivity and artistry arming us with forward motion toward a professional musical career and personal creative success. The quality of music understanding I give my students reflects their future relationship with music and my philosophy begins with the creation of a multidisciplinary approach for the professional voice user in singing, acting, voice and speech, and vocal production.

The combination of anatomy and physiology, an understanding of how the voice functions, physical and technical warmups and exercises, and repertoire integration from the classical to contemporary music canon serves as the basis for my teaching giving each student a grounded foundation upon which they can build as they enter the professional industry. It is my responsibility as an educator to understand a variety of teaching methods and strategies and learning styles from kinesthetic to tactile, stay current and up to date on research ideas, and continue to stay connected to the ever-changing performing arts landscape through public service and performance.

My teaching stems from three integral parts focused on process and resulting in an ever-evolving product. Having professionally performed eight shows a week and touring the country, coupled with scientific research-based analysis on healthy vocal production and its technical application, and lastly integrating an understanding of music and music education through curriculum, technology, assessment, collaboration and studio/classroom experience all aid in the creation of a balanced, educational experience.

Lastly, I am passionate about this field because of the organic nature of inclusiveness, there is and there has to be a place for everyone in the performing arts. The creation of a supportive and safe learning environment allows for communication on a deep personal and professional level, building relationships and mentoring plays an integral role and is a welcome addition to the teacher-student model. I am committed to my career and intentional about my teaching practices, lifting up both students and teachers alike.

Faculty Member of:
Adjunct Professor of Voice
Molloy College/CAP 21
Co-Head of Musical Theatre/Professor
Five Towns College, Theatre Arts
Vocal Technique Teacher
Musical Theatre College Auditions (MTCA)
Vocal Supervisor
Hollow Spirit Studios
Research Interests

Professional performance, applied studio instruction, vocal health and singing voice habilitation, performance anxiety, nervous system and voice, emotionality and voice, CCM styles, CCM pedagogy and risk management, musical theatre belting, vocal health, longevity, and sustainability, the speaking voice, developing and designing voice curriculum, (specifically for the musical theatre student - undergraduate and graduate level), vocal acoustics and singing voice science, anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, interculturalism and the singing voice, diversity in the performing arts, teacher mentoring within the applied studio, industry standards and perceptions of voice-type terminology, voice-type understanding for CCM styles, PhD studies.


M.A. Music and Music Education, specialization in Vocal Pedagogy – Columbia University, Teachers College

• B.F.A Musical Theatre – University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)


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